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Global movement for child's rights


Fathers International (Russia's Fathres' Committee before Nov. 2018) was founded in June 2010 as a citizens movement standing for fathers' parenting/custodial rights and children's rights to be raised in a full family. 

We see our task in providing public control over the state officials and legal bodies in an area of obeying Russian Constitution and Family Code, that guarantee equal parental rights which are systematically violated by the authorities.
Rally of the Moscow Regional Fathers' Committee 

Moscow, June 12, 2011

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+007 91 6666 3203

Fathers International's hotline.
We speak English & Russian


Nov 2018. Due to recent influx of participants from Canada and EU countries, Russia's Fathers Committee has changed its status for "international".


March 2018. Otkom's founder participated in the Men's Rights Movement founding meeting in Moscow with over 130 people attending.


Oct.2014. Otkom is nominated for the Freedom of Expression Award.


Aug.2014. Otkom's founder Igor Serebryany participated in the Men Issues Go Global event organized in Toronto (Canada)  by the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE).


April 2013. Otkom has collected over 200 signatures from Russia, U.S., Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan under a petition to the President Vladimir Putin urging him to ensure real equality of the parents and to outlaw practice of parental alienation. The petition was sent to Kremlin by mail and electronically.


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